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Welcome to the TaSHI website.  In this website we provide detailed information, qualitative and quantitative data, and evidence-base for the project entitled “Empowering EU health policies on Task SHIfting”. The 3-year long project – started in April 2021 – is co-funded by the 3rd Health Programme of the EU, therefore our activities aim to produce a novel understanding and up-to-date knowledge on task shifting, as well as to foster dialogues on transferability and uptake of good practices in Europe. Task shifting can contribute to more effective organisation of care and human resources for health management at different levels, so committing to improve efficient and sustainable health systems in innovative ways.

We invite you to actively participate in the discussions on useful tools and methods in task shifting, so that we can all contribute to the co-creation for more efficient, accessible, and resilient health systems and workforces in Europe.

Latest news

On Tuesday April 26th 2022 we presented the TaSHI project at workshop on videoconferencing in wound care in Gjøvik, Norway.
The workshop was part of a project that has received innovation funding from South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. The project is a collaboration between Innlandet Hospital Trust, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital and Hospital of Southern Norway. The target group for the workshop was professionals working with digital wound care in health trusts and municipalities, ICT advisers, GPs and practice consultants, municipal employees working with welfare technology development, managers and decision-makers.
Videoconferencing in wound care is one of the pilot cases task shifting in the TaSHI-project. At the workshop, TaSHI and Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital had three small group workshop asking stakeholders for important feedback on priorities of learning outcomes for a curriculum in task shifting, as well as important content for learning materials for task-shifting in wound care using videoconferencing.

Espen Andreas Brembo
(University of South-Eastern Norway)

We are happy to announce that the next TaSHI deliverable: Collection of useful tools and practices in task shifting has been published.  This report presents the results of an explorative study on the need for curriculum development in task shifting by the TaSHI project. The document provides an overview of existing good practices using a mixed-methods approach, including desk research of evidence in the scientific literature and findings of EU projects, a Delphi exercise and stakeholder interviews.

Key facts about TaSHI

Duration of TaSHI: 36 months. From

1 April 2021 until 31 March 2024

TaSHI involves 7 partners in 6 countries

The estimated project costs are:
 € 649 448,27
EU contribution is: 60%

TaSHI will carry out pilot projects in 5 selected countries

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Some of the main results of TaSHI will be: A Guidebook of task shifting,

5 Case studies, Set of recommendations for task shifting actions

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