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On Tuesday April 26th 2022 we presented the TaSHI project at workshop on videoconferencing in wound care in Gjøvik, Norway.
The workshop was part of a project that has received innovation funding from South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. The project is a collaboration between Innlandet Hospital Trust, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital and Hospital of Southern Norway. The target group for the workshop was professionals working with digital wound care in health trusts and municipalities, ICT advisers, GPs and practice consultants, municipal employees working with welfare technology development, managers and decision-makers.
Videoconferencing in wound care is one of the pilot cases task shifting in the TaSHI-project. At the workshop, TaSHI and Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital had three small group workshop asking stakeholders for important feedback on priorities of learning outcomes for a curriculum in task shifting, as well as important content for learning materials for task-shifting in wound care using videoconferencing.

Eszter Kovacs, project manager of TaSHI in her presentation in G-STIC Series in Dubai was talking about the useful post-COVID methods in terms of creating efficient and sustainable health systems.

First TaSHI workshop
The first technical workshop was organized by TaSHI Work Package 4 in order to immerse in the phenomenon of task shifting in healthcare. Colleagues of the University of South-Eastern Norway moderated the discussions on the enablers and obstacles of task shifting. The TaSHI Advisory Board members and Pilot implementers had remarkable insights about the priorities how to translate emerging needs into resilient service delivery, and identified key points in promoting task shifting in a digital curriculum during the fruitful dialogue.